Wednesday, 26 October 2011

VIDEO: Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, on Capital Account

Economics Professor Steve Keen, author of the Zed's title Debunking Economics, has been a longtime critic of neoclassical economics. He was one of few to predict the current financial crisis and continues to be an outspoken voice for change. He recently spoke at the Occupy Sydney protest, which mirrors Occupy Wallstreet, Occupy London and a multitude of anti-corporate, anti-capitalist protests that have now spread across four continents. Clearly, Steve Keen is right- something is wrong with the financial system.

Thankfully Keen has insight into the reasons why we are facing such deep economic problems. He recently appeared on Russia Today's Capital Account to discuss the Occupy movement, debt bubbles and Australian housing. (If embedded video below does not work, please click here.)

Keen discusses this topic in great depth in his revised and updated edition of Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor Dethroned? The book exposes what many non-economists may have suspected and a minority of economists have long known: that economic theory is not only unpalatable, but also plain wrong.

Essential for anyone who has ever doubted the advice or reasoning of economists, Debunking Economics provides a signpost to a better future.

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