Thursday, 22 October 2009

Climate Change in Africa by Camilla Toulmin Book Launch

Tuesday 3rd November, Royal Commonwealth Society 25 Northumberland Ave.

Climate change is a major challenge for us all, but for African countries it represents a particular threat and will hit the poorest hardest. In this accessible yet authoritative introduction to climate change in Africa Camilla Toulmin looks at a range of threats and opportunities, from natural disasters to biofuels, from conflicts to the oil industry, and asks what future there might be for Africa in a carbon-constrained world.

"Climate change is already having profound effects in Africa, from devastating floods to wars which are breaking out over land and water. Of all the continents, Africa is the least responsible for these changes. This is a clear, reasoned and thoughtful book which will be of great importance in the crucial discussions which lie ahead." Lord Nicholas Stern

The event is hosted by the Royal African Society in association with Zed Books, the Centre for African Studies and the International Africa Institute.

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